Title: UnknownPostcards From Italy
Artist: UnknownBeirut
Album: UnknownGulag Orkestar
Played: 199 times

the shattered soul
following close but nearly twice as slow
in my good times
there were always golden rocks to throw
at those who, those who admit defeat too late
those were our times, those were our times

Title: UnknownSanta Fe
Artist: UnknownBeirut
Album: UnknownThe Rip Tide
Played: 150 times

Your days in one
This day undone
(The kind that breaks under)
All day at once
(for me, for you)
I’m just too young
(And what of my heart)
This day was once
(Silence before)
All grace of lost
Can’t wait at all
Temptation won

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Title: UnknownNantes
Artist: UnknownBeirut
Album: UnknownThe Flying Club Cup
Played: 109 times

Well it’s been a long time, long time now
since I’ve seen you smile

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